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black russian terrier


Black Russian Terrier Story

Much has been written about the origins of the Black Russian Terrier. After researching as much as possible I believe that although the BRT was around for the 1st world war it was bred in much its current form and standardised from the 1930s with minor adjustments. The BRT was used in the 2nd world war as guard dogs for the POW camps and buildings as well as strategic areas.


The breed we know today is made up of the Ovchaka, Giant Schnauzer, Rottweiler, Airedale and the Newfoundland. I can see all traits in my dogs at different times. I also have bred 5 coloured bitches throwing back to the Ovchaka. Very beautiful big dogs. I believe these are the only coloured BRT's in Australsia.

As a breed these dogs are a large breed, strong, confident, steady and very loyal to their family, human and dog. They have a square frame and are comfortable in most climatic situations.

They have a very distinctive look and you will be stopped whenever you are out walking by people saying "what is that breed". Although they are large with an aristocratic look they are non threatening when approached. They will naturally in a non threatening way let people know that their job is to guard the family. They rarely let you out of their sight.


They have a happy nature and even as adults love to play and bounce about. They prefer their human owners to the company of other dogs. They are also confident around strange dogs and will not threaten them but will also not back down if attacked. Because they are large and very strong they will bowl the attacking dog down with their shoulder, not go in with their mouth.


My dogs work as mascots, outreach dogs, sledding, companion work in rest and retirement homes and preschools.


For information on NZKC standard please go to the NZKC website for the information.

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